Targeted Relationship Building

Without a doubt, your best patients – who trust you with their personal care and readily refer to you – will always be those with whom you have built a strong relationship.  Although the principles of developing a “dental missionary” have certainly not changed from when Dr. Pankey first began talking about it, the tools have evolved light-years beyond the “little corner library”!  Here at Local Lead Maverick we recognize this to be a multi-step process that goes way beyond the initial introduction (“lead generation”), however that may happen.

Just exactly what those steps may involve though, is entirely dependent on the character and goal of the individual practitioner.  With a whole array of tools at our disposal:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • direct mail
  • WiFi
  • newspaper
  • newsletter
  • e-mail
  • and more

Any lead generation “treatment plan” must first begin with a thorough and comprehensive “co-examination” followed by a personal consultation appointment (sound familiar?).  Then and only then, with your help, will we be able to proceed and help you attract and retain the patients that will best fit with your unique needs and goals.